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Social Media is a marketplace ripe for SME's. Use it to your advantage

Social media has developed from a basic social network to an advertising powerhouse. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter connect millions of Australians and billions across the globe so it’s easy to see why brands are branching out to these networks.

While managing your own personal Facebook account is easy enough navigating social media marketing is more complex and nuanced. Creating a social media account and posting content for the sake of content is definitely not going to cut it in the contemporary social media sphere. Your social media content should be purposeful and valuable to your audience but that takes a lot of time.

Premier Creative is a social media agency that helps our clients navigate the complicated territory that is contemporary social media. It may be tempting to create a social media account on every platform available but not all social media platforms are created equal and some businesses are better suited for only a handful of networks.

We can help you choose the right social media platforms for your business and work with you to develop an insight driven strategy that will yield tangible and intangible results. Our team of social media experts are not only able to develop a social media strategy but also create and schedule content which means that you can focus on other aspects of your business.

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Social Media is a marketplace ripe for SME's. Use it to your advantage

There is no form of targeted Digital Marketing out there as powerful as social media in the Digital era. The fact users openly share information such as gender, age and interests allows advertisers to access demographic targeting like no other. We can serve relevant content directly to your target market with complete control over the delivery and with detailed Analytic tracking, clearly understand the success of any marketing campaign.

With our in-house copy and creative team we can put together both content strategies for timeline posting and targeted Ad Campaign Strategies.

Using the right platforms can often be a hurdle many business owners struggle to get past. For example Instagram is perfect for the Hospitality industry with active users sharing food, travel and health related images on a daily basis. LinkedIn is great for our B2B clients and Facebook is great for online shopping. Putting together a strategy which works for you to deliver the right results for your business is not always as straight forward as you would think. Partnering up with a Creative Agency to support you with this can allow you to focus on your business and not worry about your social media presence.

If you’re going to post then put a strategy behind it with a clear Call To Action and plan for what you’re looking to achieve. Too many businesses post content for the sake of posting, to look active and up to date but to derive any real value from these social platforms you need to have an integrated strategy along with your other channels.

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